Best Carpet Colors for Hiding Dirt

best carpet colors for hiding dirt

Are you considering carpeting for your home or business? While it can be a lovely addition to various rooms, you may be on the fence about it, especially if your space is highly-trafficked with children or pets. Thankfully, if you’re concerned about dirt, spots and stains due to constant traffic, you have multiple solutions to consider. […]

How to Make Hardwood Floors Last Longer

contractor laying hardwood flooring baltimore

Hardwood floors are beautiful and classic, with a natural look that enhances your decor and makes any space warm and inviting. But even with its benefits, a few common hardwood floor problems might occur over time, like cupping, buckling and scuffing. Fortunately, learning possible solutions and preventive measures make it easy to maintain. If you’re […]

5 Differences Between Residential and Commercial Carpet

5 Differences Between Residential and Commercial Carpeting

If you own a business and you’re trying to decide on carpeting for your space, you might be wondering what sets commercial carpet apart from carpet often installed in homes and how to make the right purchase for your needs. 5 Differences Between Residential and Commercial Carpet Five critical differences between residential and commercial carpeting […]

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Floor Color

hardwood floor samples maryland

  Preparing to install a new floor is exciting, but you must consider a few different points before you decide on a color that will best suit your space. After all, flooring creates the backdrop of any room, so it’s essential to pick the right one. Be confident in your choices by learning to complement […]

Engineered Hardwood vs. Luxury Vinyl Plank

Engineered hardwood vs. luxury vinyl plank.

Choosing flooring options for your home is more complex than finding an option that looks nice. Homeowners can browse through various types of flooring that range in color, durability, cost, moisture resistance and other features. The goal is to find the option that works best for your household and budget. Two popular options for home […]


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