New Home, New Floors? Consult a Realtor With Contractor Partners.

New Home, New Floors? Consult a Realtor With Contractor Partners.

Homes often need remodeling and repairs. Especially those for sale or that have just sold. A winning situation, which can maximize profit, is to partner with a realtor who has contractor partners. Any renovation project can certainly benefit from an advisor. Melding sales with design services by serving as a client’s real-estate agent and consultant is something several firms are beginning to do. They can step into the renovation process and help every step of the way.

There Is No “I” in Team

One benefit of this partnership is recognizing the need for new flooring. A flooring allowance is a factor that allows the buyer to negotiate a lower price to offset the cost of flooring replacement. This allowance benefits both seller and buyer. The buyer benefits by not only getting a slightly lower price, but by also getting brand new floors that they get to choose. The seller benefits because they do not have to deal with the renovation while they are still in the home. It can be done after the sale. And the new owner may not have liked the style, color, or type of flooring installed before anyway.

Make the Wise Choice

Partnering with a realtor who also has contractor capabilities can help you explore all prices and brands, as well as possibly save you a ton of money. By tying those costs into the purchase process, you save money, time, and the headache of figuring it all out on your own.

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