Safe Flooring Options for Children

Safe Flooring Options for Children

If you have children, you’re going to need comfortable and durable flooring for your house. Your baby will learn to explore and walk on your floors, and over time, your children might drop food in your kitchen or spill paint during arts and crafts.

The flooring materials you choose are essential to ensuring safer and cleaner precious moments for your family. Rest assured that various kid-friendly flooring options will stand up to daily wear and tear.

Find out what to consider before purchasing flooring for your children and specific kinds of flooring perfect for your family!

What to Consider When Choosing Kid-Friendly Flooring

Before deciding on the safest flooring for babies and children, ensure the materials you choose are suitable for your specific needs.

A few factors you might want to consider before purchasing safe flooring for children include:

  • Activity levels: For the best flooring for active families, choose soft and durable materials, depending on the rooms where you’ll spend the most time. For instance, if you expect to play many games in your den or build forts in your living room, you’ll want comfortable flooring that will stand up to daily wear and tear.
  • Comfort: The best flooring materials for babies are comfortable and soft. When your baby is taking their first steps, they’ll need smooth and even flooring. When they want to crawl and explore, you’ll want floors best for their comfort and enjoyment.
  • Health and safety: When deciding on the safest floors for kids, avoid anything that traps pollen, dander, dust mites and other airborne particles that can cause allergies to act up in your child.
  • Sound reduction: When your children are bouncing around in certain rooms, you’ll want sound-reducing materials in your flooring to quiet sounds in the rest of your house.
  • Maintenance: Expect your children to make messes from time to time and invest in easy-to-clean flooring. If you know you won’t have much time to clean, scratch-resistant, waterproof materials are ideal.

Kid-Friendly Flooring Options

With those factors in mind, we’ll now discuss the flooring options safest for your children.


Carpet is an excellent flooring option for houses with children because it’s durable and comfortable. You can choose different styles and colors of carpet that match your surrounding furniture and walls while making sure messes are easy to clean.

Other ways that carpet can be beneficial for kids include:

  • Safe for most activity levels: Carpet is a superb flooring option for when your kids want to jump or run around. It’s also great for their knees when they kneel down to play with toys and games.
  • Safe for walking: When your baby is practicing their first steps, a soft and plush carpet is great for their feet and perfect for something to stumble back on.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: For an easy-to-clean option, low-pile carpet’s tight-knit materials make it easy to vacuum any crumbs or food your child might drop onto its surface. Note that it’s best to have your carpet professionally cleaned or steamed for darker stains and liquids. For extra durability, consider carpeting with stain-resistant treatments.


Vinyl is another option for kid-friendly flooring because it’s easy to clean and damage-resistant. This flooring is great for playrooms, as you can be confident in reduced clean-up time compared to other flooring materials. Vinyl also comes in various styles and textures, making it a great complement to your interior design.

Other kid-friendly benefits of vinyl include:

  • Durable material: Vinyl is great for bathrooms because it does exceptionally well in wet areas. It’s waterproof, making it resistant to any spills your child might make, and is a safe option for bath time when your kids want to splash around and have fun.
  • Resistant to scraping: Vinyl’s rigid surface is excellent for resisting scrapes, stains, scuffing, chipping and other damage. If you have pets, your kids can enjoy playtime on vinyl since it’s resistant to animals’ nails.
  • Easy to clean: Easily wipe, vacuum or sweep stains and food from vinyl. Its hard surface makes messes easy to spot and clean right away during snack time.
  • Sound resistant: Foam backing on vinyl will absorb sounds so kids can run around and play tag without noises dispersing into other areas of the house.


Laminate is a budget-friendly option if you want something that will stand up to your kid’s daily activities. Laminate comes in a variety of plank widths with many options for natural-looking wood, so you’re bound to find affordable, attractive laminate perfect for your house.

Pros of purchasing laminate include:

  • Safe for kids activities: You won’t have to worry about spills and stains because laminate is resistant to moisture. It’s also resistant to scratches and scuffs when your kids play rough on its surface. Its fade-resistant, durable materials make it perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • Protection against allergies: Laminate flooring has a tight seal that keeps allergens such as animal hair, dirt and pollen from settling into the floors, making it safer for your children.
  • Ease of maintenance: Since it’s so durable, your laminate won’t require much maintenance throughout its lifespan. You can clean it with a vacuum and quickly wipe up any spills with a soft cloth.


For an attractive and classic option that’s also great for kids, hardwood presents many benefits with its durability, safety and maintenance. Place hardwood in your child’s bedroom, family room or dining room for a natural and beautiful look.

Kid-friendly hardwood flooring benefits include:

  • Durable against heavy activity: The polyurethane finish on hardwood flooring allows it to withstand your child’s everyday activities. Even if you notice any scratches or scuffs over time, your wood can be sanded and refinished when needed.
  • Safe for children with allergies: Hardwood doesn’t hold onto animal dander and other allergens, making it a safer option for your kids.
  • Convenient to keep clean: Your hardwood floors won’t need constant upkeep after applying a finish. Its hard, flat surface makes it easy to clean, and it won’t trap stains or any other debris.

Trust Metro Flooring Contractors for Kid-Friendly Flooring

When you need the safest floors for kids, consider each type’s health and safety benefits before purchasing. Many flooring options are great for everyday activities, easy to clean and safe against allergens. With the right choice, you’ll feel confident knowing your flooring is durable and will stand up to daily wear and tear for your family’s needs.

Our kid-friendly flooring options at Metro Flooring Contractors are attractive and easy to maintain for years to come. Our expert team promises professional installation services and excellent customer service. We provide quality brand-name flooring for less with our lifetime installation warranty and easy financing.

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