Types of Hardwood Flooring for Homes

Types of Hardwood Flooring for Homes

Types of Hardwood Flooring for Homes

Flooring is one of the most important things to consider in your house design. Choosing the right flooring color and type is as important as selecting the color and style for the roof and walls. Many types of flooring exist, but hardwood remains a popular choice. It’s timeless and classic, adding beauty and elegance to any room.

Various wood flooring options are available, so you can find one that suits your lifestyle, design and budget. This guide will describe some of the best types of hardwood flooring so you can have an idea of what you want.


Cherry is one of the most common types of hardwood flooring for homes. American cherry is known for its warm color tone and medium density. It darkens over time as it reacts to light and is most suitable for areas with low foot traffic because it bends easily. Another option for cherry flooring is Brazilian. Brazilian cherry is darker and redder than American cherry.

Both types of cherry flooring will last for many years, but Brazilian is a harder wood, meaning it can withstand heavier foot traffic. Neither type requires much maintenance because of its durability and scratch resistance.


Unlike the dark tones of cherry, maple produces light, natural tones. These tones will offer a neutral look that matches any style. Its subtle grain pattern and light color variations provide a consistent look in small or large spaces. Additionally, maple is a hard wood, making it scratch-resistant, durable and long-lasting. 

Maple is not as porous as other types of wood flooring. This means that it does not absorb spills and stains, making it easier to clean. This is also the reason maple lasts longer than other woods. 



Walnut is a stylish choice for your home. It is often in large, expansive rooms because of its dark, rich coloring. Using walnut in smaller rooms can make the room feel smaller because of its color. It is also easier to see dust, dirt and debris on walnut’s deeper tones. 

This flooring has a wide range of colors and shades. It can be chocolate brown or almost purple, and the color changes as it ages, like cherry. Walnut is highly insect repellent, so there likely won’t be any pests under the floor causing damage. It isn’t easily affected by moisture and wetness and will retain its shape and beauty in humid climates. 


This type of flooring is durable and gorgeous and increases your home’s resale value. Thanks to its grain variety, it offers a rustic look, like the floors in a cabin or lodge. Hickory can range from brown to golden blonde, and if you prefer another color, it is easy to stain and finish.

The wood is highly durable and water-resistant, so it can withstand wetter climates. It is also popular among pet owners because it is more scratch-resistant than softer hardwoods.


Oak floors come from Red or White Oak trees. Red Oak has warm hues, but White Oak can be light or dark. Both have intricate grain patterns that are extremely visible. White Oak is harder than Red Oak, but both are durable choices.

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