50% Off Entire Carpet Project OR 75% Off Flooring Material

Shop Our Biggest Sale of the Year! Consult With Our Sales Representatives & Choose the Deal That’s Best for You: 50% Off Your Entire Flooring Project or 75% Off Your Flooring Materials.

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50% Off Entire Carpet Project OR 75% Off Flooring Material

Shop Our Biggest Sale of the Year! Consult With Our Sales Representatives & Choose the Deal That’s Best for You: 50% Off Your Entire Flooring Project or 75% Off Your Flooring Materials.

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We proudly serve Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania and you can view our full service area here.

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    Metro Flooring Contractors is your provider of premium, brand-name carpet flooring for less. We make it easy for you to find the right carpet to meet your needs. Whether you want new flooring for your entire home or one room, we offer the selection, products and customer service necessary for you to make a wise investment. Our carpet installation services include free flooring measurements and estimates.

    We offer huge discounts and sales on top brands of carpeting such as Mohawk, Phenix, Shaw & More. Browse our selection and find the perfect carpeting for your home or business. Shop carpeting online today!

    Customer Reviews

    Excellent job installing the carpets. The carpets look beautiful.

    Customer service staff was AWESOME! Staff that installed the carpet was very professional and did an awesome job!

    The guys arrived on time with the correct carpeting. They went straight to work and finished a wonderful job. The room looked wonderful. They cleaned up everything! The men were friendly, yet most professional.

    Why Choose Carpet for Your Home or Business?

    While carpet can serve as a neutral backdrop or an eye-catching focal point, it offers several benefits beyond its
    visual appeal. Overall, carpet is easier to maintain than hard flooring. Different colors can help hide dirt and stains, making your routine cleaning easier.

    It can also help you reduce your energy bills each month, providing your home with natural insulation. You won’t have
    to rely on your heater as much in the winter because your carpeting will help retain the warm air.

    Carpet can also make your home or office quieter since it’s a natural sound
    blocker. It offers cushioning for walking and protection when slips and falls happen, which is ideal for homes with
    young children and older adults.

    Depending on the type of carpet you choose, it can last between five and 15 years. There are many signs that you should replace carpet, like faded hues and flat piles.

    You should also remember the differences between residential and commercial carpets. Commercial
    carpet is the most durable and economical choice. While it’s as aesthetically pleasing as residential carpet, it
    isn’t as plush. This type of carpeting can be broadloom or tiles. 

    Carpet tiles are pre-cut sections of carpet that adhere to the floor, while broadloom carpet comes
    in rolls that professionals attach to carpet padding and cut to size. Both offer easy installation, but tiles are
    the easiest, which makes them cost less.

    Depending on the type of carpet you choose and its features, it can also offer specific benefits, including the

    • Stain resistance: Don’t stress over spills. Scotchgard™ protected and
      fiber-washed polyester resists stains to keep your carpet looking like new.
    • Stain and wear resistance: With built-in stain and soil resistance and
      excellent durability, our exclusive Triexta fiber resists wear and stains without sacrificing comfort.
    • Wear resistance: Children and pets are no match for resilient nylon. It
      resists matting and crushing and is performance tested to stand up to the heaviest traffic.
    • Pet-proof: This carpeting helps alleviate pet owners’ common issues. It
      resists stains, odors, dirt and scratches and is easy to clean.

    carpet for children and pets

    Browse Our Collection

    Learn more about the various types of carpets for your home or business.

    What’s Your Carpet Type?

    Twisted skinny fibers make up frieze carpet, creating a shaggy look that adds a casual and comfortable feel to any room. Its texture helps conceal dirt, footprints and crumbs, and its fibers are resistant to matting and crushing. Frieze carpets are durable, comfortable and compatible with various rooms.

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    Textured carpet, also referred to as trackless carpet, is an example of cut-pile carpet. Using uneven fibers and twisting and kinking the strands creates the spirals of its casual yet eye-catching appearance. This carpeting won’t show as many marks because of the way it’s constructed. It also resists soil, making it ideal for mid- to high-level traffic regions in a home or business.

    Other advantages of textured carpet include:

    • Stain resistance 
    • Moisture resistance 
    • Variety of shades, colors and designs 
    • Ease of cleaning 
    • Durability against indentations from furniture and objects
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    Nylon is a popular carpet option because of its strong and durable fibers. This quality, along with nylon’s texture retention properties, allows the carpet to easily withstand daily wear and tear. 

    Because of how readily available it is, nylon carpeting is an affordable option for home and business owners trying to adhere to a limited budget. It also tends to last 10 or more years, making it a wise investment choice. The carpeting resists moisture, mildew, dirt and stains and is easy to clean and maintain.

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    This carpet is designed specifically to combat the common issues pet parents tend to deal with on a daily basis. From dirt and dander to puppy accidents, floors can take quite a beating. 

    Pet-proof carpet will help you stay ahead of the game by resisting and hiding stains and odors. Other benefits of pet-proof carpet include ease of cleaning, comfort, scratch resistance and many choices of styles and designs.

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    commercial carpetingCommercial spaces tend to have more frequent heavy traffic than homes. Therefore, they have different needs than residential areas. That’s why commercial carpet focuses on durability and economy — while still paying close attention to aesthetics. This carpeting will hold up over time without looking worn out, making it an excellent investment for offices, hotels and retail stores.

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    Plush carpet is made from closely packed yarn fibers. The result is a smooth and level surface that adds luxury and elegance to any space. While plush carpet works well in all kinds of rooms, it’s best for lower-traffic areas since it can show footprints and seams. 

    Many homeowners opt to install it in bedrooms and other rooms where they want to create a warm, cozy atmosphere. The advantages of plush carpet include a classic appearance, comfort and many designs and style options.

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    Loop carpet, as its name suggests, is made of looped pieces of yarn. These pieces are left uncut on the surface to create a knotted appearance. The carpet pile height can range from low to high.

    Perfect for homes or businesses, loop carpet comes in various designs and textures. It is resistant to staining, soiling and crushing, hides soil and traffic patterns and is easy to clean.

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    Patterned carpets come in a range of colors, lines, textures and patterns. This type of carpet is made by combining looped and cut fibers to create the designs like shapes, dots and lines. 

    These bold carpets tend to be the focal point of any space. They require little maintenance and their vibrant patterns conceal stains and indentations.

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    Carpet Brands We Carry at Metro Flooring Contractors

    Get brand-name carpets for cheap with Metro Flooring! As your resident carpet expert, we can help you enhance your home’s decor with fresh new carpet. Our team will work with you to find the best carpet for you based on the size of the space, how much traffic you expect in the area and what you want the finished room or rooms to look like. We carry brands such as:

    • Shaw: This company has produced quality carpet for over four decades with wrinkle-free and stain-resistant options. We offer a wide selection of Shaw Carpet, from plush to short fibers.
    • Mohawk: Creating high-quality flooring products since 1878, Mohawk is a trusted USA brand with innovative designs and a focus on being environmentally friendly.
    • Phenix: A leading carpet supplier for almost two decades, Phenix provides premium carpet that is comfortable, soft and affordable.
    • Chesapeake: The various Chesapeake Flooring options will integrate with any room. They offer cutting-edge and classic, timeless designs.
    • Metro: Our selection of Metro Home Plus Carpet is one of the most popular options we offer. We make it using luxurious SureSoftSD™ material and protect it with Microban® to keep your flooring clean and free from bacteria, mold and mildew. 

    Our inventory has everything from neutrals to bold color options, as well as plenty of different materials. We guarantee we have a carpet solution that’s perfect for your home or residential project.

    guaranteed carpet solution

    What Is the Process for Carpet Installation?

    Metro Flooring Contractors offers affordable carpet installation in Maryland, northern Virginia, Delaware, Washington, D.C. and parts of Pennsylvania and West Virginia. No matter where you’re at within this region, our process will be the same.

    One of our mobile sales reps will start by meeting with you to show you some of our flooring samples and discuss your needs and budget. We offer price matching for all the major carpet brands, so if you find one of our carpet brands offered elsewhere for less, please tell us so we can provide you with the best deal!

    Once you make your selection, we can discuss helpful financing options. Our professional carpet installers can remove your current flooring and provide you with next-day guaranteed carpet installation. All of our carpeting comes with installation warranties, so you can feel great about your carpeting decision when you shop with us.

    Metro Flooring Contractors: Delivering Quality, Brand-Name Flooring for Less!

    Metro Flooring Contractors services a wide area from our store in Baltimore and has decades of experience in the flooring industry. When you work with us, you can expect that we will do everything possible to help you make a smart investment.

    Our professional installers serve Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and beyond, and our team is ready to provide you with a quick turnaround and affordable rates. Reach out to us today for a professional in-home estimate at no cost to you. We look forward to helping you find the carpet that will make your dream home a reality.


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