Frieze Carpet

Are you looking to update the flooring in your home? Whether you want to change two rooms or the whole house, frieze carpeting can help make your space feel cozier.

What Is Frieze Carpet?

Frieze-style carpet offers a comfortable, casual feel in any room. The carpet’s construction features tightly twisted fibers to create a curly, shaggy look reminiscent of the shag carpets from the 1960s and 1970s. While old shag carpets featured long, thick fibers, frieze carpets today often use skinnier fiber strands to provide a sleeker texture.

Frieze carpet’s twisted fibers are durable, making it resistant to matting and crushing due to foot traffic. The carpet’s texture also helps conceal footprints, dirt and crumbs.

Is Frieze Carpeting Right for Me?

Before installing frieze carpet in your home, you want to be sure it suits your house and lifestyle. Frieze carpeting offers many benefits to homeowners or business owners, such as:

  • High durability: This carpet style’s tightly twisted fibers make it less likely to fray, helping extend its life span.
  • Comfort: Frieze carpets are plush and thick, making them soft and comfortable to walk or sit on. This carpet would make a perfect flooring option for a playroom or bedroom.
  • Seam concealment: If you are changing a large room’s flooring, the plush fibers in frieze carpeting make it easy to hide the seams from different pieces.
  • Compatibility with various rooms: Frieze carpets are excellent for many home areas, including hallways, stairs, bedrooms and family rooms that can benefit from a cozy and casual atmosphere.

Frieze carpeting also has the advantage of easily hiding footprints and dirt, although mud or spills should still be addressed promptly to prevent staining.

Explore Our Brands for Frieze Carpets

When you want to install new flooring at your home or business, Metro Flooring Contractors can help. We carry a wide range of Mohawk and Shaw frieze carpets to give our clients plenty of options to fit their aesthetic preferences and lifestyle needs. 

Mohawk offers innovative designs and maintains a focus on developing environmentally friendly products. Your carpet could be recyclable or partially made from recycled products depending on the line you choose. Shaw carpets are excellent for long-term dependability and comfort. 

With our selection of frieze carpet from top manufacturers, you can trust us to find an option that’s perfect for your home or business. Begin your flooring transformation today by scheduling a free in-home consultation with Metro Flooring Contractors. We’ll discuss your frieze carpeting options and offer an estimate so you can start planning your new carpet installation.