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Do you want to enhance the rooms in your home with high-quality carpet from a reliable supplier? If so, Metro Flooring Contractors is here to assist with our own flooring brand. We provide our range of carpet options to help customers achieve their vision for businesses and homes in northern Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and parts of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Carpet is a classic flooring choice that has stayed popular for years. This option offers comfort and style for a range of purposes, whether you want to change up the look of your floors or you need to replace them due to damage. When you choose our company, you’ll experience comprehensive service and flooring materials that you will love.

Explore our range of Metro carpets today to find flooring that will transform your home or business.

About Metro Flooring Contractors Carpet

Metro Flooring Contractors is a licensed, insured and bonded professional flooring company that offers premium materials and installation services. Using the experience that we have gained over the years, we crafted a range of Metro brand carpets to meet your needs.

Our selection includes Metro Home Plus carpet, one of the most popular options we offer. Made using luxurious SureSoftSD™ material, Metro Home Plus is protected by Microban® to keep your flooring clean and free from bacteria, mold and mildew that may stain and cause odors.

We believe carpet should be affordable so that anyone can achieve their interior decorating vision. To reach this goal, we offer consistent Metro carpet specials that enable our customers to save on flooring. 

Metro Carpet Options Available

We offer various Metro carpet options to meet your needs, each with its own advantages. Our carpet styles include:

  • Metro Court 12′
  • Metro Court Plus 12′
  • Metro Fit
  • Metro Loop Berber
  • Metro Manor I
  • Metro Minded
  • Metro Mix
  • Metro Plex
  • Metro Stay
  • Metro Memento
  • Metrofy I
  • Metro Home Plus

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Benefits of Choosing Metro Flooring Contractors

At Metro Flooring Contractors, we want to help customers get the high-quality floors and premium service they want. There are several benefits of working with our highly trained flooring professionals, including:

  • Comprehensive warranties: When you choose our company, you can trust that you will receive flooring installation services that meet industry standards. We also guarantee the quality of our labor for life.
  • Skilled team members: We have high standards when hiring members for our installation team, only selecting individuals who have proven themselves to be reliable and capable workers.
  • Affordable rates: Our goal is to provide competitively priced flooring that impresses you with its quality. Our customers also benefit from helpful financing plans and features such as online bill pay, extended payment terms, and free flooring estimates and measuring. 
  • Quick service: When you schedule an appointment with Metro Flooring Contractors, you can get an estimate that day. Then, if you love our flooring and want to move forward, we can start your installation the next business day.

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Choosing our Metro carpet will enable you to enhance your home or business’s flooring and impress your visitors. Interested in talking to one of our experts and learning more about our carpet? Contact our team to set up an appointment!


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