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Consider installing nylon carpets the next time you want to renovate your home or business. Thanks to its durability, nylon carpet is a popular flooring choice among property owners whose structures see high levels of activity. 

Learn more about nylon carpeting and if it’s the best flooring for your home from the team at Metro Flooring Contractors.

What Is Nylon Carpet?

Nylon is a synthetic material created in the 1930s as a more affordable alternative to expensive silk. It was introduced to the carpeting world in the 1950s when manufacturers began using it to make flooring. Fibers made with nylon are strong and durable. When put together, their texture retention properties help strengthen nylon carpets so they can withstand daily wear and tear.

With how popular and readily available nylon carpeting is, this cost-effective option is ideal for homeowners and businesses performing upgrades on a budget. 

Is Nylon Carpet Right for Me?

You can determine whether a nylon carpet suits your property and lifestyle by evaluating its pros and cons. Nylon carpets provide advantages including:

  • Stain resistance: Most nylon carpets have a stain-resistant treatment, making them excellent options for rooms that see high traffic levels or are dedicated to kids.
  • Exceptional durability: The fiber properties of nylon carpets make them highly durable and let them stand up to wear and tear for a long life span.
  • Hypoallergenic: Nylon is an excellent carpet material for households with allergy sufferers. It resists moisture, mildew and dirt buildup.
  • Easy maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining a nylon carpet is simple. With regular vacuuming and annual steam cleaning, your nylon carpet will continue looking fresh for years.

While nylon carpets have many pros, there are some cons to look at as well:

  • Not as soft as other carpets: Nylon carpets do not provide the amount of softness you can expect from a wool or polyester carpet.
  • Generates static: Nylon carpets may not be the best option if you live in a dry area, as they can be subject to static electricity buildup.

Customer Reviews

Excellent job installing the carpets. The carpets look beautiful.

Customer service staff was AWESOME! Staff that installed the carpet was very professional and did an awesome job!

The guys arrived on time with the correct carpeting. They went straight to work and finished a wonderful job. The room looked wonderful. They cleaned up everything! The men were friendly, yet most professional.

Explore Our Brands for Nylon Carpet

You can count on Metro Flooring Contractors to provide the best nylon carpet brands for your home or business. We believe every client deserves quality flooring products and installation services when they want to upgrade their spaces, and our team is here to deliver. We carry numerous top carpet brands including Shaw and Phenix to help you find the most suitable fit for each room. 

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