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Add sophistication to any space by installing a patterned carpet. The carpet style is popular with many home and business owners looking to give a room some extra visual impact. Learn more about pattern carpets to see how this flooring can take your space to the next level.

What Is Pattern Carpet Flooring?

A pattern carpet combines cut and loop piles to produce unique patterns and create a dense, rugged mat. Patterned carpets are available in many designs and colors, so you should be able to find one that suits your lifestyle and aesthetic with ease. The variations of loop and cut fibers are often used to form distinctive patterns like geometric shapes, lines and dots.

Patterned carpets can enhance a space’s atmosphere thanks to their combination of design, texture and color. Consider a patterned carpet when you want to make a room more lively or complement the other decor present. A well-made carpet is a beautiful, durable option that can withstand heavy traffic and still offer a long life span.

Is Patterned Carpet Right for Me?

Installing pattern carpet flooring in your home or business can help you make a room stand out by providing a unique focal point that ties in the furniture and decor. A patterned carpet will offer many benefits, as this style:

  • Needs little maintenance: Pattern carpets have a natural density that helps keep dirt and spills on the surface rather than letting them sink in, making cleanup easier. Some carpets are made with soil- and stain-resistant treatments to provide even greater protection.
  • Hides indentations: The tightly twisted loops and low-cut fibers in patterned carpets naturally maintain their shape. Because of this characteristic, they stand up well to footprints and other pressure marks.
  • Adds elegance and style: With the wide selection of patterns, textures and colors you can get with a patterned carpet, it’s easy to make a room feel more sophisticated or add more depth to the space.
  • Hides stains: Some patterned carpet styles work well for hiding the appearance of stains, so they’re a great option for active, pet-friendly households.

While pattern carpets offer many advantages, you’ll want to consider every factor before installing one. Be careful when choosing the design and color of your new flooring to ensure it doesn’t overpower or clash with what’s already in the room. Additionally, some patterned carpets are more susceptible to looking worn out in high-traffic areas, as the pattern may wear unevenly.

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The guys arrived on time with the correct carpeting. They went straight to work and finished a wonderful job. The room looked wonderful. They cleaned up everything! The men were friendly, yet most professional.

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