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Replacing your flooring can add value to your home and give it a new look you’ll love. If you are thinking about new carpeting, consider Phenix carpet. Made of pre-dyed yarns with exceptional attractiveness and durability, Phenix carpets make your home appear fresh with minimal effort on your part. 

We can install Phenix carpet in houses across Marylandnorthern VirginiaDelawareWashington, D.C. and parts of Pennsylvania and West Virginia. You can have better carpeting in your home in just one day when you choose services from Metro Flooring Contractors. 

About Phenix Carpet

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For almost two decades, Phenix Flooring has been one of the leading carpet suppliers, with a reputation for providing some of the top services in the industry. This brand’s carpeting comes in many colors and finishes — you can easily find one matching your existing decor. The premium carpet brand uses the best materials to manufacture its products. 

Phenix carpeting includes fibers that feel silky smooth on your feet when you walk across them. The carpet guards against pet stains, making it easier to trust your cat or dog on the new carpet. This flooring is also affordable, and the manufacturer releases new lines with original designs regularly. 

Phenix Carpet Installation 

We can travel across the DMV region and beyond and install Phenix carpet in your home. Our process begins by scheduling a free, same-day estimate. We know many customers want to take care of carpet installation quickly, and we can start as soon as the next day if you like. 

Do you need time to pay for your carpet and installation? We offer 24-month, 0% interest financing to qualified buyers, allowing you to pay on your timeline. We can assist you with any installation quickly and efficiently, and the end product will look amazing. 

Get Phenix Carpet Installed by Metro Flooring Contractors

Why should you choose Metro Flooring Contractors to install your Phenix carpet? It is easier to have a professional do it than an amateur, who could take weeks to perform the installation correctly. We also offer many other advantages, including: 

  • Unbeatable prices: You’ll enjoy outstanding value for your money when you buy from us. 
  • Guaranteed installation: Our flooring will remain durable and continue looking great for years.
  • Virtual flooring design consultation: We model your living room to get the best fit. 
  • Shop-at-home service: You don’t even have to leave your house to find a fantastic deal. 


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Redesign your home with a new carpet that can transform your residence’s appearance. We provide brand-name flooring for less, and you even receive a complimentary professional cleaning on your first recommended floor cleaning when you purchase our carpet. When you need a fast turnaround or want to get the project done now, Metro Flooring Contractors is the best choice. We offer exceptional quality in our installation. 

Let us know what type of Phenix carpet you are searching for, and we will find it. Get in touch with us today to schedule your free in-home estimate. We want to help you get the flooring you have always desired.


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