Textured Carpet

If you want to install practical yet soft and attractive flooring in your home or business, consider textured carpets. They come in many designs and colors, so you’ll have plenty of options for customizing your space.

What Is Textured Carpet?

Textured carpets are a type of cut-pile carpet created by twisting and kinking uneven fibers to make spiral strands. The strands are then pressed down using a heated steamer to obtain a smooth, level surface and an attractive appearance. Textured carpets are excellent for rooms with mid-to-high levels of foot traffic and frequently see use in both homes and businesses.

The carpet style is sturdy yet comfortable, and it tends to be quite affordable. Many textured carpets use various synthetic materials in the construction process, such as nylon, plastic, polyurethane and polyester.

Is Textured Carpet Right for Me?

Installing new flooring in your home or business requires careful consideration. When you are thinking about adding textured carpets to your rooms, knowing the pros and cons of the style can help you make the right decision.

Some pros of textured carpets include:

  • Stain resistance
  • Minimal appearance of dents and depressions left by objects 
  • A wide array of colors, shades and designs
  • Resilience against moisture and bad smells
  • Easy cleaning, even with dirt, pet accidents or spills

While there are many advantages of having textured carpet, you’ll want to consider these other factors before installation as well:

  • Untreated variations are less fire resistant
  • Carpet containing plastic materials could melt with heat exposure

With all the textured carpet varieties on the market, you can find a selection that fits any room of your home or business and adds a touch of subtle character to the space. 

Explore Our Brands for Textured Carpet

At Metro Flooring Contractors, we provide some of the best textured carpets from top brands like Shaw and Mohawk. If your home or business is in Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Delaware or West Virginia, we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect flooring solution. 

Shaw is a popular brand known for ingenuity and long-lasting solutions. Consider installing Shaw textured carpets for a dependable and stain-resistant option. You can also pick from our selection of Mohawk textured carpets. Mohawk is another brand recognized for its high-quality products, and they specialize in sustainability. Buyers looking for environmentally friendly flooring choices will enjoy browsing through Mohawk’s ecologically focused products.

Learn more about our Shaw, Mohawk and other textured carpet options when you schedule a free in-home consultation today.