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Commercial office spaces need the right flooring. At Metro Flooring Contractors, we provide high-quality options from trusted brands to meet your needs, no matter what those might be. Whether you’re upgrading one particular office or an entire floor, you can find what you need when you shop our product selection.

Choosing the Right Office Flooring

You’ll have to consider several factors when choosing suitable flooring for your commercial office space. Many elements play a role in deciding whether vinyl, carpet tile or wall-to-wall carpet is your best option, including:

Consider the office space you envision and what will happen there. For example, you may have an office space where most workers come in and work at desks, meaning you don’t need flooring that can withstand excessive traffic.

However, high-profile clients or board members may frequently come to your office. In this scenario, investing in more upscale flooring can impress these individuals.

Think about how long you need your flooring to last. If you own the building and don’t plan to renovate it often, you should choose durable flooring that will remain in good condition for many years.

However, if you’re a tenant renting office space, you might have a different outlook. If you plan to leave the office space within a few years, picking the most durable flooring might be outside your priority list. These offices would benefit more from cost-effective options.

Downtime here refers to how much time you can be out of the office for re-flooring. Think about how much time you can allot for new carpet or vinyl. The speed of installation can vary depending on your flooring choice and how much area you have redone. It’s crucial to think about how much time you have available before selecting an option.

Consider the type of office environment you want to create. In general, many offices are quiet so people can work easily, making carpet an excellent option. You can also consider another material, like vinyl, if you’re willing to install a noise-reducing underlayer.

Comfort level can also play a role in deciding which flooring is right for your office. If you want workers to be more productive, you need to choose a flooring option that is comfortable for sitting and standing. You can also think about temperature, as certain flooring can make the room feel colder, while others provide extra insulation.

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Our Brands

At Metro Flooring Contractors, we take pride in offering commercial flooring from some of the top brands in the industry. If you need flooring for your office space, check out our options from:

  • Pentz
  • Aladdin Commercial
  • Mohawk
  • Shaw Carpet and Vinyl
  • At Home Office
  • Armstrong Commercial
  • Patcraft
  • Philadelphia Commercial
  • US Floors

Our team is prepared to help you find the right flooring for your office space, whether you are redoing one area or the entire building. 

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