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Shop Our Biggest Sale of the Year! Consult With Our Sales Representatives & Choose the Deal That’s Best for You: 50% Off Your Entire Flooring Project or 75% Off Your Flooring Materials.

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50% Off Entire Brand Project OR 75% Off Flooring Material

Shop Our Biggest Sale of the Year! Consult With Our Sales Representatives & Choose the Deal That’s Best for You: 50% Off Your Entire Flooring Project or 75% Off Your Flooring Materials.

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    Our Brands and Flooring Options

    Metro Flooring Contractors offers the greatest products, prices and installation services. We’re able to provide brand-name flooring for less because of our partnership with countless flooring brands. Click the links below to check out the brands we offer for various types of flooring: 

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    Carpet is a comfortable, eye-catching and affordable flooring solution. It has many benefits, such as:

    • Less cleaning: Certain colors can help hide dirt and stains, so they require less frequent cleaning.
    • Insulation: Carpet is a natural insulator that can help lower your energy bills.
    • Sound absorption: Its cushioning helps absorb sounds, making your home or office quieter.
    • Longevity: Depending on your chosen carpet type, it can last between five and 15 years with regular care.

    Here’s more information about our best carpet brands:

    The high-quality carpet from Chesapeake Flooring suits contemporary and classic decorating styles. Chesapeake’s products capture nature’s beauty to enhance your room. We have many elegant and modern Chesapeake carpet styles, including plush carpets.

    Walking on a plush carpet is like walking on a cloud — extraordinarily soft and magnificent. This carpet uses traditionally cut, closely packed yarn fibers to create a smooth, even surface and uniform appearance. Plush carpet is best for rooms with lower foot traffic.

    Metro Flooring Carpet

    One of the carpet brands we offer is ours. We created Metro brand carpets from our experience as a professional flooring company. One of our most popular carpets is the Metro Home Plus carpet. We manufacture it using premium SureSoftSD™ material that protects it from bacteria, mold and mildew with Microban®. 

    Other carpet styles include: 

    • Metro Court
    • Metro Fit
    • Metro Loop Berber
    • Metro Manor I
    • Metro Memento
    • Metro Minded
    • Metro Mix
    • Metro Plex
    • Metro Stay
    • Metrofy I

    Mohawk has fashionable, tough carpet options for your office or home. This environmentally-friendly company was established in 1878 and is known for its American-made flooring. Its flooring features award-winning, original designs.

    We stock various Mohawk carpets, including plush, hypoallergenic carpeting that doesn’t absorb moisture. Depending on the Mohawk carpet you choose, it may be: 

    • Free of volatile organic compounds.
    • Durable against heavy foot traffic.
    • Recyclable and/or partially made from recycled materials.

    Some carpet types we offer from Mohawk include:

    • Textured: You can find textured carpets in homes and businesses, as they withstand mid-to-high-level foot traffic. This carpet style is affordable, sturdy and comfortable.
    • Frieze: A casual and cozy carpet that looks similar to shag carpets. The fibers are sleek, durable and resistant to matting, making the carpet an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.
    • Loop: This carpet type suits home and business owners. It has a unique, knotted appearance, various look and texture options and multiple pile heights. All loop pile carpets are incredibly durable.
    • Patterned: Patterned carpet is a beautiful, durable and popular style for homes and businesses. It draws attention to a space and creates a lively atmosphere.
    • Pet-proof: This carpet type is perfect for pet owners, but homes and businesses without pets can benefit from its high durability.
    • Commercial-grade: Commercial-grade carpet can withstand heavy foot traffic without sacrificing its appearance. They often have low piles less prone to matting and crushing. It’s an excellent choice for businesses looking to upgrade their flooring on a budget.

    Phenix Flooring has been a leading carpet supplier for almost two decades. The company produces luxurious carpet that only uses the best materials. The carpet’s pre-dyed yarns are exceptionally durable, stain-resistant and aesthetically pleasing. This company’s carpet can revitalize and transform your home with fibers that feel silky underfoot.

    Some of the Phenix carpet types we have are:

    • Nylon: This cost-effective, durable carpeting solution is stain-resistant and easy to clean.
    • Commercial-grade: When you need a carpet that can withstand your business’s heavy foot traffic, look no further than commercial-grade carpet.

    Shaw is an innovative and dependable brand that has produced high-quality carpets in the United States for four decades. Its wrinkle-free and stain-resistant carpets are excellent for families with pets or children. Businesses that use Shaw’s carpet make an outstanding first impression on clients with its rich colors.

    Some of our Shaw carpet types include: 

    • Textured
    • Frieze
    • Loop
    • Nylon
    • Patterned
    • Pet-proof
    • Commercial-grade

    Engineered Hardwood

    Engineered hardwood delivers the look and feel of solid hardwood at a lower cost. It has a plywood core with a thin layer of hardwood flooring on top. Some of the benefits of engineered hardwood include the following:

    • Quick and easy installation
    • Greater resistance to humidity and temperature fluctuations than hardwood
    • Available in countless colors, plank widths, styles and finishes

    Here are our best engineered wood flooring brands:

    Chesapeake Hardwood Flooring

    Chesapeake Flooring’s headquarters is in Maryland, near the Chesapeake Bay Region. It designs sturdy and attractive flooring that makes you want to relax. The flooring’s enhanced durability can withstand energetic pets and children and last many years. Our selection of Chesapeake Flooring’s hardwood options includes waterproof styles and numerous plank patterns.

    Mannington Engineered Hardwood

    Mannington hardwood floors reflect the latest trends in American furnishings and cabinetry. The floors boast:

    • Premium styles: Mannington’s in-house styling team uses worldly inspiration for its designs that add to wood’s beauty.
    • Superior performance: This company uses a ScratchResist® coating for excellent protection against everyday scratches and scuffs.
    • Responsible sourcing: As a company, Mannington is committed to the environment. All its sourcing, manufacturing processes and products comply with the Lacey Act, California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Title VI.

    Solid Hardwood

    Solid hardwood is timeless and classic, with long, thick plank types. The advantages of solid hardwood include the following:

    • Durable: Solid hardwood can withstand heavy foot traffic.
    • Easy to maintain: You only have to dust and mop solid hardwood floors. You can repair damages by sanding, refinishing or replacing the planks.
    • Increases home value: Hardwood floors increase your home’s resale value and attract buyers.

    Learn more about our best hardwood flooring brands:

    Bruce Solid Hardwood

    Bruce Solid Hardwood

    Bruce is a member of Armstrong Hardwood Flooring (AHF), which has provided premium flooring to businesses and residences for decades. This company makes all of its flooring products in the United States with pieces of wood. As a result, Bruce’s flooring is innovative and sturdy.

    Metro Flooring Contractors stocks various Bruce flooring designs, including ones with an aged or natural finish. The Bruce hardwood flooring collections we carry are:

    • Dundee Solid Hardwood
    • Manchester Plank
    • Manchester Strip & Plank

    Shaw Solid Hardwood

    Shaw uses high-quality materials to create its luxurious flooring. It focuses on philanthropy and designing innovative products that improve the way you live. At Metro Flooring Contractors, we carry Shaw hardwood flooring options in a range of colors from the Shaw Albright and Shaw Bellingham collections.

    Somerset Hardwood Floors

    This privately-owned company has been in the industry for over 30 years. Somerset hardwood floors are American-made. The company uses Appalachian hardwood to make its flooring — a high quality wood where each plank features tiny imperfections, like knots or mineral streaks, to give the flooring a natural look. Some Somerset hardwood flooring options available are: 

    • Butterscotch
    • Gunstock
    • Natural Red Oak
    • Urban Grey 



    Laminate is an affordable hardwood alternative. The various textures and colors available help create realistic planks that mimic the appearance of many wood species. Many laminate planks feature saw marks, knotholes and graining to further replicate wood’s natural look.

    Here are our laminate flooring brands:

    Chesapeake Vortex Essentials Laminate

    Chesapeake Flooring always puts its customers first. It values customer satisfaction and prioritizes customer needs and requests. The beautiful flooring designs are reflective of nature, so many feature the colors of the beach. When you choose Chesapeake Flooring, you create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. 

    We have many Chesapeake Flooring laminate options. Some options that’ll make you feel like you’re by the seaside include:

    • Driftwood
    • Dundee
    • Sanibel
    • San Moritz
    • Tressel
    • Umber

    Eastern Flooring Products

    Eastern Flooring Products wants to bring nature inside with its laminate flooring. It does this by using the latest technology and manufacturing its flooring in Europe. Its floors provide the same look as hardwood floors with realistic plank shapes and knots. Before selling its floors, the company ensures every detail is perfect through its quality control process.

    Our company stocks Eastern Flooring Products’ Vista and Encore Plus collections.

    Mannington Laminate

    As a family-owned company founded in 1915, Mannington is one of the world’s top providers of laminate flooring. Mannington strives to produce high-quality flooring with a low environmental impact. Therefore, the company focuses on product improvement with technology.

    We carry Mannington’s Restoration Collection®, which contains laminate options that mimic Black Forest Oak or distressed wood. SpillShield®Plus Waterproof Technology protects this collection, making it waterproof laminate.

    Waterproof laminate replicates the look of hardwood floors and repels water. This means the floor won’t warp or swell when exposed to water. It has a dense fiberboard core combined with resins, watertight joints and a water-repellant seal. The planks can feature realistic grains, knots and marks.

    Quick-Step Laminate

    This company produces premium designs, which is why they’re a leader in the industry. Its products resemble hardwood but boast more outstanding durability. This is thanks to materials like NatureTEK that resist scratching, spills, fading and other damage. We carry many Quick-Step options that resemble oak in dark and light variations. Quick-Step also has waterproof laminate flooring options.



    This flooring type is another hardwood alternative. It can be hard to tell the difference between vinyl and hardwood or vinyl and laminate. The difference between these flooring types lies in their composition. Vinyl is either Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) or rigid core.

    WPC vinyl uses wood pulp or plastic composites in its base. Several layers work together to create a stable and robust vinyl flooring. Rigid core or Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) vinyl is an engineered flooring created to last a lifetime. It has a stone, plastic or wood composite core for additional strength and stability.

    Here’s more information about our best vinyl flooring brands:

    Since Bruce is a member of AHF, it pledges to enhance people’s lives through its flooring. Its vinyl flooring options are suitable for all ages and pet- and kid-friendly. Metro Flooring Contractors stocks Bruce’s LifeSeal brand, which resists scratches and dents and can withstand long-term sunlight exposure

    Chesapeake Flooring strives to capture the beauty and feel of nature with its flooring. Its designs are reminiscent of the Chesapeake Bay. Popular Chesapeake vinyl options available at Metro Flooring Contractors are:

    • Cloudburst
    • Foghorn
    • Silver Shade
    • Sunstar

    COREtec believes that a combination of innovation and technology can improve flooring. Thus, its flooring is simple, solid and stylish luxury vinyl. Luxury vinyl is a synthetic flooring with distinct layers that create a natural hardwood, tile or stone look. It’s durable and long-lasting, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

    Additionally, all COREtec products are waterproof with protective layers and realistic patterns, textures and colors. We have various COREtec flooring collections, including:

    • COREtec Advanced Plus
    • COREtec Plus 5″
    • COREtec Pro Galaxy
    • COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced HD
    • COREtec Stone

    One of our brands of vinyl flooring is Firmfit. Firmfit creates luxurious vinyl flooring with multiple layers. These layers replicate hardwood’s look, depth and features while being durable and waterproof. Metro Flooring Contractors offers numerous Firmfit styles, from traditional to Herringbone.

    This company manufactures vinyl flooring featuring premium designs. Numerous patterns, embossing and textures are available. Inhaus vinyl flooring is often more affordable than its competitors and has protective layers for long-term durability. We carry three Inhaus vinyl flooring collections:

    • Elandra
    • Lamdura
    • Sono Eclipse

    Mannington is a leader in the flooring industry. It utilizes technology to create better, innovative and sturdy products. The Mannington vinyl options we stock are: 

    • Mannington ADURA®Flex Plank
    • Mannington Realta™ SPC

    Metro vinyl has the strength to endure heavy wear and tear and the elegance to complement any space. We have many designs and styles in the following collections:

    • Metrodura Plank 12′
    • Metropolitan Plank 20′ 

    SAR Floors creates custom designs using a combination of textures, patterns and embossing techniques. These unique designs transform your home or office into an individualized space. Some of the SAR Flooring collections we carry include:

    • Riptide II
    • Titan
    • Versailles

    Commercial Flooring

    Commercial Flooring

    Commercial flooring can withstand the hustle and bustle of commercial buildings. Flooring is one of the most crucial aspects of your business. If your flooring is worn, outdated or stained, it can cause an unfavorable impression with visitors. Our commercial carpet and vinyl flooring options enhance your commercial space’s quality and aesthetic appeal.

    Here are our commercial flooring brands: 

    • Aladdin Commercial
    • Armstrong Commercial
    • Shaw Carpet & Vinyl
    • Mohawk
    • Pentz
    • At Home Office
    • Philadelphia Commercial
    • US Floors
    • Patcraft

    Aladdin Commercial

    Aladdin Commercial provides tasteful flooring solutions with outstanding durability. The company stays up-to-date with the latest design trends and delivers flooring options that complement any business’s style.

    Armstrong Commercial

    Armstrong Flooring is North America’s largest manufacturer of hardy flooring solutions. It has been in business for over 150 years. This brand values adaptability and implements innovations to stay at the top of the market.

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