why coretec

Careful Installation for Any Type of Flooring

Our experienced team will install your flooring according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. All our installers have installed over one million feet of residential and commercial flooring combined.

In general, we follow a 5-step installation process to ensure that your new flooring looks spectacular:
  • Remove the existing flooring
  • Clean and prep the floor
  • Evaluate the area for preparation Install your new flooring
  • Add the final changes, such as any necessary transitions and/or perimeter trim
  • We’re confident that your new flooring will live up to your expectations

Let’s Get Started

Overall, our goal is to cause the least inconvenience as possible. but we still need access to the entire floor. Please have your pets put away from the work area. It is possible they or the installers could be injured.

We will move a moderate amount of furniture if agreed upon but, we are not furniture movers. Therefore we will be held harmless as to any damage that may occur during scope of job and or moving furniture.

Next Steps

Unhook and move electronics. Take breakables out of the room, off the walls and off of the furniture. Remove the contents of the drawers.
Remove bed linens, breakables, and private items. Any help in the preparation to have your new floors installed is needed, if these items are not completed it could delay the job.

During flooring removal and scope of job we do all we can to contain dust. But we realize it is no possible to shop the dust completely. We can not be responsible for any unintentional damage. Therefore touch up and patch. ifnecessary will responsibility of home owner.

Finishing Touches

Installation of flooring natural or synthetic is completed with professionalism at heart. However we are limited to what the client has chosen for us to install.
That’s why the customer must understand must understand color variation, size, pattern, character, etc. depend on the type of floor and can often be out of our hands.

Maintaining your floors after installation is relatively easy. The floors should be dry mopped often as possible to clean dust, dirt or sand. The simplest
method to clean is three parts water and one part white vinegar in a spritz bottle. Then apply with swifter or like cleaner. Enjoy your newly installed floors!