Bathroom Flooring in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Here at METRO FLOORING CONTRACTORS, you’ll find bathroom flooring that is both functional and stylish. Whether you are re-flooring one bathroom or need to install new floors in every bathroom of a new home, we’ve got you covered.

Choose from a wide range of flooring types, styles and patterns and easily achieve your desired look — all while staying within your budget.

Types of Bathroom Flooring Homeowners Can Choose

Bathroom flooring needs to be able to withstand daily usage, moisture, and potential water splashes or spills. Because of this, you can’t just install any flooring in a bathroom.

At METRO FLOORING CONTRACTORS, we have the flooring solutions you need to make a smart investment in your bathroom. To provide our customers with durable, long-lasting bathroom flooring for homes in Baltimore and beyond, we offer:

  • Bathroom laminate flooring: Waterproof laminate flooring features engineering that allows it to withstand the moisture and drips common to environments like bathrooms. This floor is also both durable and easy to maintain, making it ideal for the high-traffic bathrooms in your home. You’ll be able to choose laminate planks simulating various domestic or exotic wood species to create a stylish new space.
  • Bathroom vinyl flooring: Vinyl flooring is designed to replicate the look of natural wood and stone. Over the years, technology has gotten so advanced that it’s hard to tell the difference between vinyl flooring and real natural materials. Luxury vinyl tile, which is waterproof, is a popular choice for homeowners who desire dependable performance with plenty of colors and patterns to choose from. It is also easy to maintain.
  • Bathroom hardwood flooring: While solid hardwood flooring would not be a good choice for a bathroom, we have an alternative hardwood floor solution that is easy to maintain and made to last — waterproof hardwood flooring. You’ll be able to achieve that classic wood look anywhere in the home without the maintenance requirements and limitations of true hardwood.

How Our Local Professionals Can Help You Find the Best Flooring for Your Bathroom

Our team of local professionals at METRO FLOORING CONTRACTORS is here to help you find the best bathroom flooring. We offer free in-home appointments so you can meet up with one of our mobile sales reps. You’ll be able to ask questions, view our flooring samples and create a bathroom plan — all for free.

To make paying for your new flooring simple and affordable, we offer easy financing. You’ll also be able to take advantage of our price match guarantee on all our major flooring brands.

Get Started on Your Bathroom Flooring Project in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D.C.

Once you decide on your bathroom flooring and accept your estimate, METRO FLOORING CONTRACTORS guarantees next-day installation. Our team will come out and safely remove your current bathroom flooring and install your new laminate, vinyl or hardwood floor.

We look forward to helping you transform your space and elevate the look of your bathrooms from the ground up. Schedule your in-home appointment today to get started.