Living Room Flooring

In most homes, the living room is the primary gathering place for families and their guests. It often serves as the main entry point, too. This means it experiences heavier foot traffic than other areas in the residence. Consequently, the choice of living room flooring is one of the most important decisions a homeowner must make.

If you reside in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D.C., trust METRO FLOORING CONTRACTORS for all of your household flooring needs. As one of the leading living room flooring contractors in the region, you can count on us for high-quality products at low prices along with professional installation.

Living Room Carpeting

Our wide variety of living room flooring options includes carpeting and carpet tiles from top manufacturers such as Shaw, Philadelphia Commercial and Mohawk. Carpeting is ideal if you crave coziness and a soft underfoot feeling as you walk across the room.

Choose from numerous types like frieze, textured, plush and loop, any of which will enhance your living room’s appearance. Pet-proof carpeting is also available that holds up well and resists stains from pet accidents.

Living Room Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring looks like real wood but is much less expensive than solid hardwoods. Laminate manufacturing technology has made significant improvements in recent years. These days, you’ll find flooring products with deeper embossing and enhanced seaming mechanisms that have improved their appearance and durability. The material is also easy to maintain.

METRO FLOORING CONTRACTORS is pleased to offer laminate flooring from reputable manufacturers such as Mohawk, Chesapeake Flooring and Carolina Home.

Living Room Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a versatile synthetic material that is an excellent choice for living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens or entryways. As with laminate, vinyl flooring has made substantial strides in quality and durability in recent years. It’s also highly attractive. In fact, it can be hard to notice the difference between a well-constructed vinyl floor and a hardwood floor.

We feature a broad selection of beautiful wood plastic composite, luxury and rigid core vinyl flooring from leading manufacturers like Tarkett, Novalis, Firmfit and Ivcus.

Living Room Hardwood Flooring

For many homeowners in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., nothing can match the elegance, style and timeless appeal of authentic hardwood flooring in a living room.

METRO FLOORING CONTRACTORS is your one-stop headquarters for beautiful hardwood flooring that offers unmatched durability and ease of maintenance. We have a variety of engineered, solid and waterproof options from noted manufacturers such as Mirage, Carolina Mountain Hardwood, Bruce and Mullican.

Experience the Metro Flooring Contractors Difference

When you choose us as your living room flooring contractor, you’ll get expert advice in selecting the right low-cost flooring or carpeting product based on your style preferences, home decor and budget.

You can also trust us for fast, efficient installation. Why attempt to handle such a challenging task yourself when our team of professionals can remove the burden from your shoulders? We also provide free flooring estimates and measurements.

Contact METRO FLOORING CONTRACTORS today to learn more about all of your living room flooring options or to schedule a free in-home consultation.