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Baltimore, MD


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Baltimore, MD


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We proudly serve Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania and you can view our full service area here.

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    Living and working in the Baltimore area means you always have the opportunity to see or do something exciting. From visiting Inner Harbor or attending a Baltimore Ravens home game to checking out some duckpin bowling and paying homage to Babe Ruth at the legend’s birthplace and museum, Baltimore offers something for everyone.

    Eventually, though, you’re going to wind up back at home or your office. You’ll want to feel completely comfortable when you get there so you can relax and recharge or tackle an important project. One way to ensure your surroundings fit your needs is to boost the design and safety aspects of your interior spaces with updated flooring.

    At Metro Flooring Contractors, we specialize in bringing exceptional flooring products, including high-quality carpeting, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring and hardwood flooring right to your door. Our mobile sales representatives will come to your location with flooring sample selections so you can make the right decisions for any room or style.

    We also offer next-day guaranteed professional installation, so you never have to wait. In under a week, you could completely transform any residential or commercial space. All you need to do is get in touch with our flooring store in Baltimore, Maryland, to schedule your initial appointment.

    Find out why people trust Metro Flooring Contractors to deliver unrivaled professionalism, unbeatable prices, friendly service and, most of all, exceptional products. Start your journey to upgrading a room, house or workspace today.

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    Choosing the right flooring for your design goals is essential to improving the ambiance and aesthetics of any room or hallway. However, choosing the right flooring installation provider is just as essential. Without proper installation, your flooring will not perform at the level you expect. Plus, it could end up costing you more in the long run to hire someone to repair or replace a poor installation job.

    At Metro Flooring Contractors, we pride ourselves on being trustworthy all-around. We sell only the best name-brand flooring, including products from Mohawk and Mercier Wood Flooring. Plus, all our flooring installation team members have the skills, tools and desire to do the job right from beginning to end.

    What can you expect when you work with our installation crews to lay any type of flooring from textiles to vinyl?

    • Quick turnaround: One of our unique differences in the flooring industry is the ability to offer next-day installation on all the flooring we sell. This can come as a huge relief, especially for clients who need fast flooring face-lifts. Why should you have to wait for weeks to get the benefits of new carpet or engineered hardwood? We can elevate your surroundings in Baltimore with flooring fast.
    • Upfront pricing: You shouldn’t have to wonder about hidden costs when it comes to flooring installation. Our guarantee to you is that you’ll receive upfront pricing that includes itemization. You can see what you’re paying for, which provides tremendous peace of mind. When our mobile sales representatives come to your house or office, they can even give you same-day quotes. This helps you feel better about budgeting for your next home or office renovation project.
    • Guaranteed workmanship: Every flooring installation job we handle at Metro Flooring Contractors is backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, all labor is warrantied for life. The warranty is 100% transferable, too, which is great if you’re selling your property.
    • Expert touch: Our flooring installation specialists can handle laminate, vinyl, hardwood and carpet. They’re professionals who take flooring as seriously as you do. Their objective isn’t to just finish your flooring job but to finish it correctly.
    • Flexible choices: Do you need to lay vinyl flooring on another type of hard floor surface? In many cases, our team of flooring installers can place vinyl on top of older floors in a seamless way. Transition your space fast, without ripping up any existing vinyl tiles or outdated laminate. Talk to your Metro Flooring Contractors mobile service representative about this option during your consultation.
    • Free and safe old flooring removal: Unless you’re looking for flooring for a new build, you already have flooring in place. Our installers will come to your site and conscientiously remove all old flooring. We’ll then properly dispose of the floor on your behalf, so you don’t need to worry about it.
    • Complimentary carpet cleaning: If you’re buying new carpet from us, all purchases come with one complimentary professional cleaning. Getting professional cleanings helps you maintain the integrity and extend the life span of your carpet.

    Contact us soon for laminate, vinyl or hardwood flooring installation services in Baltimore, Maryland. We also provide carpet installations in neighboring Bel Air, Germantown and beyond.


    Carpet remains one of the most popular types of flooring for both private residential and commercial spaces. The right carpet type brings out your preferred design and can reduce the effect of ambient noises. It can also help filter unwanted particles from the air, potentially improving the indoor air quality of your rooms when the carpet is regularly vacuumed and occasionally deep cleaned.

    Our lineup of carpeting at Metro Flooring Contractors includes everything from high piles to tight loops. If you have pets and younger kids, you may want to choose our pet-proof carpet. Pet-proofed carpet selections can also be preferable for high-traffic areas.

    Carpet, like any other home or workplace asset, is an investment. That’s why we offer carpet from brands you know and trust. These flooring manufacturers include Mohawk and Shaw, two of the top names in the carpet industry. Knowing your carpet comes from a highly respected manufacturer allows you to feel good about your purchase.

    What types of carpet should you pick for your Baltimore home or office? It can be tough to decide, which is why our mobile sales representatives will bring plenty of samples. By laying the samples in the space where you need flooring, you can immediately see which type of carpet will bring out your desired design theme or aesthetics.

    If you’re not familiar with the variety of carpet or aren’t sure if a frieze carpet will work better than a nylon carpet, just visit our online showroom. Our representatives are experts in flooring consultations. Each one has the experience and knowledge to assist you. Rest assured that when you need carpet or a carpet installation contractor, we can provide the services you require.


    Carpet isn’t the only type of flooring product we offer at Metro Flooring Contractors in Baltimore. Hardwood flooring has gained popularity as a prime choice for many sorts of rooms and spaces.

    All types of hardwood, from solid hardwood to engineered hardwood, tend to last for long periods. With proper care and upkeep, hardwood flooring can look terrific for 20 years or longer, making it one of the most enduring types of flooring products.

    Many people also appreciate how simple hardwood is in terms of maintenance. In some cases, you can keep a hardwood floor looking terrific by just sweeping or vacuuming. Though hardwood floors usually deserve some kind of professional attention after many years, they’re surprisingly durable and low-maintenance.

    Another benefit of hardwood flooring involves its versatility. Do you tend to update your house to stay on trend? Hardwood can help you maintain the contemporary style you crave without needing to switch up your flooring.

    Discover the wonderful world of hardwood with us. You can work with your service representative to lay hardwood samples on the floor in your private or commercial rooms and other spaces. This allows you to see how the hardwood floor will look in the actual place it’s going to be installed. You can even test out the way the hardwood appears in low light, artificial light or all-natural light by opening window blinds or dimming your switches.

    Even when you choose solid hardwood flooring or engineered hardwood flooring, you still get the option for next-day installation. We keep all the name-brand hardwood flooring we sell in Baltimore in stock, allowing us to fulfill installation orders quickly. In as little as 48 hours after your consultation with Metro Flooring Contractors, you could be enjoying your newly installed hardwood flooring.

    If you’d like more information about the cost of hardwood flooring, schedule a consultation with our team.


    Vinyl flooring has undergone both appearance and engineering changes over the past two decades. Today’s vinyl flooring offers a high-end, stylish finish that can realistically mimic the look of other flooring, including textured wood.

    If you’re not sure which type of hard flooring surface would work in your home or commercial space, consider the benefits of vinyl flooring. All vinyl flooring, including luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and luxury vinyl planks (LVP), is built to last and amaze. You can do more than you might have thought with vinyl flooring, such as:

    • Adding a unique stone or wood-like look to the flooring in a moisture-heavy space such as the kitchen, bathroom, basement family room or climate-controlled sunroom.
    • Upgrading the appearance of entryways and other common spaces that get tons of use throughout the day and require a durable, easy-to-clean surface with a bit of texture for safety.
    • Giving your rooms the appearance of hardwood or engineered hardwood at a bit of a lower price point.

    As always, you can expect to have your vinyl flooring installed the day after you choose it. That’s our guarantee to you as a valued Metro Flooring Contractors customer.


    Well-made laminate lasts. However, you need to make sure the laminate you choose has the right look and feel to round out your design expectations.

    Our selection of laminate flooring in Baltimore is just as varied and impressive as our inventory of carpet, vinyl flooring and hardwood flooring. The laminates we offer come from the top manufacturers. Once installed by our professional team, laminate floors will give you a beautiful, waterproof surface that’s easy on the eyes— and wallet.

    You can also ask about our seasonal and special blowout sales on laminate flooring and installation services in Baltimore, Maryland. For just a few dollars a square foot, you could redo your whole house with laminate flooring or a mixture of laminate and another type of flooring.


    You shouldn’t have to wait to upgrade your Baltimore house or workplace by installing new carpet or worry about the cost to install hardwood flooring. That’s one of the main reasons we offer budget-friendly solutions to pay for any of our flooring, including carpet, vinyl, laminate and hardwood. One solution is fast financing. You can get approved right away, allowing you to schedule your installation without having to shop anywhere else for flooring.

    After discussing our in-home estimate and deciding on a flooring type with one of our mobile flooring experts, you can explore financing. For example, we offer 0% down and payments spread out over 24 months. For our customers who choose to finance for their flooring improvement projects, this type of streamlined financing works perfectly.

    Never let your wallet get in the way of enjoying the visual appeal and security of a new floor in Baltimore. When you mix everyday low prices on leading flooring brands with flexible financing, you have a winning combination. And you end up with the most enviable floors in the Baltimore region!


    Does the floor in your home or workspace make you frown or sigh? Uplift your spirits and elevate your spaces with a flooring upgrade from Metro Flooring Contractors in Baltimore. You can count on quality, speed, service and affordability from the discount flooring specialists in Baltimore.

    It only takes a few minutes to fill out an appointment request form online. We’ll get in touch with you, set up a time to visit your location and arrive with all the products you need to make your flooring decision.


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