Our Shaw Carpets

Absolutely It


Elemental Mix I-III

Lavish Living

Perpetual Move

Sensible Now

Alluring Disposition

Calm Simplicity I & II

Entwined With You

Newbern Classic 12′

Points of Color I & II

Shaw FastBall Halo Carpet

Shaw Fast Ball 12′

Always Ready I & II

Charmed Hues

Infallible Instinct

Of Course We Can I-III

DOLPHIN Presidio Solid

Presidio Solid

Smart Thinking


Complete Control

Insightful Way

Outside The Lines

Quiet Sanctuary

Within Reach I-III

Bandon Dunes

Crafting Design

Just a Hint I & II

Pacific Trails

Soothing Surround

Work The Color

Basic Rules

Dyersburg Classic 12



Secret Passage

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