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Consider rigid core luxury vinyl flooring when you need to replace the flooring in your home or business. Rigid core flooring is a popular choice for its proven durability and long-lasting visual appeal.

Learn more about rigid core vinyl and if it’s the right flooring choice for you.

What Is Rigid Core Vinyl?

Rigid core vinyl, also known as stone plastic composite (SPC) vinyl flooring, is a type of engineered flooring meant to last a lifetime. The rigid core construction uses a wood or stone plastic composite for stability and strength, ensuring each plank is solid. Like most other engineered flooring, SPC vinyl has multiple layers:

  • Attached underlayment
  • Rigid core
  • Vinyl top coat
  • Wear layer

Each layer contributes a specific characteristic to ensure the flooring is durable and resilient against regular wear and tear. With a wear layer on top, your floors will have protection from stains and scratches. SPC flooring uses a click-lock design, so it requires no adhesives for installation. Rigid core flooring is also waterproof, making it ideal for many homeowners and businesses.

Is Rigid Core Vinyl Right for Me?

SPC flooring comes in many attractive styles and can totally change a room’s aesthetic and atmosphere. Some benefits of rigid core vinyl include:

  • Versatile designs: Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring is available in many colors and designs. The pieces mimic natural materials well, giving you the look of real stone or wood floors without the higher price tag or maintenance requirements.
  • Water resistance: This flooring can endure moisture and prevent spills from penetrating the surface. Thanks to the multilayer construction and synthetic materials, SPC planks will not swell due to humidity or water exposure.
  • Minimal maintenance needs: Rigid core vinyl is easy to maintain. You can keep the floors looking new with simple cleaning practices like regular sweeping and occasional mopping.
  • Suitability for uneven subfloors: You can have SPC flooring installed over any surface, even if it is not entirely level.

Customer Reviews

They did a fantastic job installing my vinyl flooring. Fast and inexpensive
Had a great experience with getting my carpet replaced with vinyl essentially overnight. @trae made everything easy in the planning stages and the workers did a great job moving all of the furniture around and getting it all done.
Ian Malakoff
They are pretty quick and done an excellent job. Removed carpets for whole house and installed new vynl flooring including on stairs. Very professional and responsive. I have the best experience ever compared to any contractor.

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