Wood Plastic Composite Vinyl

Consider wood plastic composite (WPC) vinyl flooring when installing an alternative to traditional wood floors. Metro Flooring Contractors provides quality WPC flooring for residential and commercial spaces. 

Learn more about what makes WPC unique and if this vinyl flooring is right for your property.

What Is WPC Vinyl Flooring?

Wood plastic composite vinyl flooring is a durable alternative to traditional hardwood planks. Its construction incorporates recycled wood pulp or plastic composites to make the base. WPC has several layers, including a waterproof core, wear layer, decorative print and vinyl top coat. The core often contains a foaming agent that helps keep it softer.

These layers combine to create a thick, stable and strong vinyl flooring that stands up to wear and moisture exposure. The core also helps retain warmth and adds stability, making WPC a comfortable walking surface.

Is WPC Right for Me?

When you want to install new flooring in your home or business, understanding the key characteristics of your options is vital to ensuring you find the right fit. Knowing the pros and cons of WPC vinyl will help you decide if it’s the best alternative to natural wood.

Some WPC advantages include:

  • Style: Vinyl flooring is a popular option for many property owners. With WPC vinyl flooring, you have many style choices to provide the natural wood appearance you desire for your space.
  • Comfort: WPC flooring is comfortable and resilient, providing a little spring underfoot that makes it easier on your joints.
  • Waterproofing: WPC vinyl has specific construction to ensure it is waterproof from top to bottom. This design makes it excellent for high-moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Minimal maintenance: Vinyl flooring is simple to maintain — all it takes is regular sweeping and occasional mopping to keep your floor looking new for years.

One of the cons of WPC is related to its more flexible texture. Since it has a softer core than some other flooring types, it is more susceptible to dents if a heavy object falls on it.

Explore Top Brands for Wood Plastic Composite Vinyl

At Metro Flooring Contractors, we carry a vast inventory of premium WPC flooring from top brands like Shaw, COREtec, Mannington and more to help our clients find the best options for their homes or businesses. Our team is ready to serve you throughout the entire process, from helping you select the flooring to installing it.

We sell and install flooring throughout Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Maryland and Delaware. Explore your new WPC vinyl flooring options when you schedule a free in-home estimate.